Coconut & Honey Hair Mask for Hair Loss

honey hair growth, honey for hair lossHair loss is normal. The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs a day. If you sometimes find hair on a comb or clothes-do not worry. Alopecia is another matter. During it, we observe the loss of entire strands during combing, find their curls on the pillow after sleep, and sometimes directly remove the curls from the head with a simple smoothing motion of the hand.

Pathological hair loss is an unpleasant phenomenon, but many of us face it at one stage or another in life. The reason for this is stress, bad habits, changing seasons and various diseases. In addition, often the predisposition to hair loss at a young age is hereditary, associated with the reaction of hair follicles to the action of male sex hormones. Anyway, if you do not show proper attention to this problem, over time, you can say goodbye to the opportunity to wear beautiful model haircuts, because liquid curls, and even more receding hairline, will not decorate either female or male appearance.

Is it possible to cope with hair loss on their own — with the help of pharmacies, cosmetics or folk recipes? Yes, when it comes to a temporary phenomenon caused by insufficient nutrition of the scalp. As our grandmothers said, to make hair grow well, they need to be periodically “fed”.

If the problem is not caused by an infectious disease or other pathology, the situation can be improved with the help of special masks for application to the scalp.

That is the reason we have thought of the coconut and nectar hair cover, explicitly intended for young ladies who are encountering male pattern baldness, to help energize hair development and lift your certainty again. We trust it helps!


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To make this coconut & honey hair mask, all you need is:
– 200g of coconut milk
– 2 tablespoons of honey

homemade hair mask for hair loss, milk for hair loss

Step by step instructions to:

Start with blending the coconut drain and nectar together until they become a lemon blend. At that point apply the hair veil onto clammy hair and back rub into your scalp. This will animate bloodstream and sustain your scalp to energize hair development. Leave the hair veil in for an hour to give it a chance to play out its enchantment, before proceeding with your typical hair wash cleanser. You may need to wash your hair twice as the development of items may leave your hair feeling marginally oily.

The invention of coconut drain and nectar joined are two of the most useful fixings our hair could get, particularly when we’re attempting to advance a greater amount of it! The coconut milk is wealthy in protein and fundamental fats our locks need to get more grounded, more advantageous and thicker. Then again, the nectar’s regular enemy of bacterial supplements mysteriously saturates tresses to keep up hair and leave it to look plush and perfectly polished.

We’re so satisfied with the outcomes this coconut milk and nectar hair veil gives us. Not exclusively does our glossy new bolts feel hydrated and profoundly supported, they likewise feel thicker and loaded with well-proportioned volume!

And what care products do you use? Share your experience in the comments and tell your friends about our mask.

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