Difference Between Concealer, Powder and Foundation

It has long been known that many factors-unhealthy diet, bad habits, and stress greatly affect the condition of the skin. Undoubtedly, our face is our business card. How to properly care for the skin? What means of decorative cosmetics to use to emphasize your beauty and uniqueness?

difference between foundation and concealer

Regardless of whether you’re another or prepared cosmetics client, you may be confounded about concealers, powders, and establishments. What’s the distinction? All things considered, every one of these items has their very own motivation. Here’s an interpretation of every one of the 3 to assist you with knowing the distinction between concealer, powder, and establishment:


what is the difference between concealer and foundationThe work of the concealer is aimed at eliminating shortcomings and has a denser texture.  In the event that you have imperfections or under-eye-packs or murkiness, concealer helps spread and cover everything. You have to apply concealer before your establishment to help shroud blemishes, for example, skin break out, and dark circles.

Types of concealers

  • Concealer pencil. An excellent tool for quickly masking acne, small redness, allergic rashes on the face. It is very easy for them to correct makeup – for example, to remove inaccuracies of eyeliner, model eyebrows, making the contour more smooth and natural. In General, any cosmetic product can find a bunch of alternative uses in face makeup.
  • Concealer stick. Usually has a denser texture, it lies on the problem areas of the skin smooth and quite dense layer. Such a tool perfectly masks age spots. Millions of red-haired girls in the spring hide a scattering of funny freckles under a layer of such a corrector. One minus-the tool is not suitable for spot application. BUT! Here’s a super-life hack from professional makeup artists. Take a thin brush for eye makeup, apply concealer stick on the tip and calmly remove any pimple.
  • Liquid eye concealer. Tool number 1 for masking “bruises” and bags under the eyes. For combination skin, use two sponges: one dry, the other wet.
  • The palette of concealers. This means is in the Arsenal of any self-respecting makeup artist. By the way, women who know a lot, concealers in palettes occupy an honorable second place, second only to mascara.


difference between concealer and foundationThis is predominantly used to set everything (your establishment and concealer) set up. Your skin may be somewhat gleaming and show up slick in the wake of applying concealer and establishment and the powder enables your face to get a matte look. Powder, for the most part, comes in two structures: squeezed and free. Squeezed powder offers more inclusion since it is commonly thicker and is applied with a wipe. The free powder can be layered to accomplish wanted inclusion and is normally applied with an enormous brush.

There are several types of powder:

  • Crumbly. It consists of fine particles, often having a reflective effect, giving the appearance of radiance. Apply it to highlight certain areas on the face and the decollete area.
  • Compact. The most popular comfortable dry tonal structure, which is available in almost all women. It has a matting effect and can hide minor flaws.
  • White transparent. Included in the powder, quartz structure visually evens the skin. Suitable for almost any skin tone, as it does not have a tonic.


cream to powder concealer

The establishments go about as an establishment or base for your skin by adjusting it and concealing the blemishes on your skin. On the off chance that you have an uneven skin tone or any type of defects establishments will help balance everything.

There are several types of Foundation:

  • Liquid. Pretty, dense, lends itself well to shading while hiding under a pigment spot, freckles. Its structure makes the skin visually smoother
  • Thick. The composition contains fats, which allows you to well disguise the shortcomings of the skin. Well suited for women with dry skin type.
  • Cream stick. It contains dyes in large quantities. Well suited for deep camouflage flaws.
  • Cream powder. A combination of creamy Foundation and tone powder perfectly hides flaws, and powdering after this tool is no longer needed.
  • Moisturized Foundation with a touch. The most liquid consistency has the ability to align the external tone of the face.

Now that you know the difference, using a concealer, powder and foundation should be easy-breezy!

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