How to lose weight without losing boobs

How can you lose weight so as not to lose your Breasts/ Easy Ways to Reduce Breast Size

chest exercises to reduce breast sizeFemale beauty is a terrible force that has always fascinated men. Parameters estimates looks always were considered beautiful and long hair, graceful figure, big and expressive eyes and camping on D. Values changed, but the beautiful and lush thumping in all times and to this day does not leave indifferent nor one.

Resorting to various diets to achieve beautiful forms, many beauties are terribly afraid of losing their Breast. After all, it often happens that weight loss begins with the bust. Therefore, the issue of breast preservation is quite relevant in our time.

The breast “goes away” with the weight, because the fat layer is an integral part of the female breast. Nature has taken care to keep it from injuries, temperature changes, and feeding the baby.

Breast size, by the way, is not an indicator of body fat, it is usually a purely genetic factor. In addition to fat, the breast includes glandular tissue. Someone has more glandular, someone-fat.

When losing weight, fat tissue is lost, and if it is initially a lot, then the chest noticeably sags. And if more glandular, it loses a little in volume and looks quite attractive.

For the beauty of the breast, its shape and tone are responsible and the so-called Cooper’s ligaments-connective tissue that permeates the chest from the inside. It is because of the stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments that the chest “falls” in the process of losing weight or with age. Accordingly, at-risk girls with curvaceous. Although the ligaments are elastic, they are easily deformed in the process of running. This should be taken into account when drawing up a training program.

There is no guarantee that all the fat on your Breast will be saved, however doing the right exercises will shape them. Here are some successful approaches to get more fit without losing Your Boobs:

Perform Heavy Weight Chest Workouts in Low Reps

You have to fortify your chest (pectoral) muscles to keep your boobs lively and seem bigger. So as to accomplish this, you should perform chest activities utilizing substantial loads, however in less reiterations. Keep in mind that utilizing substantial loads in low reps will fortify your chest muscles without conditioning them away. Utilizing lighter loads in high reps will just trigger further fat misfortune, so you should avoid such activities.


1. Sufficient fluid intake

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Mammary glands themselves do not lose weight, but due to lack of fluid, they decrease in volume. Therefore, experts strongly recommend using clean water during this period. Tea and coffee-drinks that contribute to the excretion of fluid from the body, so their use should be reduced. The lack of fluid in the body can indicate dark circles under the eyes and hollows. If your body is prone to swelling, eat less salt and try not to drink water at night.


2. Gradual weight loss

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In order to lose weight evenly, use a balanced diet. You can not deprive your body, being on a diet, such a nutrient as fat. Vegetable oils are essential for our body. They support skin elasticity, the health of the hair and liver. Many people use flax oil, which contains female hormones.

A sound weight reduction requires a fair diet, with center around complex sugars and lean protein. You ought not to confine your carb consumption to an extreme since it doesn’t bring about quick weight reduction. The things that you truly need to cut from your eating regimen are sugary treats, for example, soft drinks, baked goods, and canned organic product juices.


3. Contrast shower

how to lose weight without losing your breasts

Contrast shower or compresses improve blood circulation and maintain skin elasticity and firmness. This procedure should begin and end with washing the body with warm water.


4. Dumbbell press on the ball

how to lose weight without losing your breasts

Take dumbbells in your hands and sit on a gymnastic ball. Then slowly start sliding forward, taking small steps until your head, shoulders and upper back are resting on the ball. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees about 90 degrees, and place your feet firmly on the floor. Elbows spread out to the sides and hold the dumbbells near the chest.

On the exhale, squeeze the dumbbells from the chest straight up on straight arms, make a small pause and inhale slowly controlled movement lower the dumbbells to the starting position.


5. Push-Ups

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Lie on the floor face down, look at the floor, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and arms shoulder-width apart, keep your torso straight at arm’s length. Keep your body straight. Then, on the inhale, drop down until the chest almost touches the floor as you inhale. Elbows try to keep closer to the body. Performing the exercise, make sure that the back does not arch in an arc, does not bend down. Now exhale and return the upper body back to its original position at the expense of the chest muscles.


6. Reverse push-up

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To correctly perform this exercise for breast augmentation, stand with your back to the chair, rest on the seat of the chair with your hands, pull your legs forward at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Bending the arms, lower the body as much as possible down and return to the starting position.


7. Pullover

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This exercise for the chest muscles was so named because it is similar to how we take off a sweater. The initial position-shoulders lie on a bench (a stool, a ball-fitball), legs are widely spaced, soles rest against the floor. In the hands of dumbbells (or one heavy dumbbell), straight arms stretched up. As you inhale, put your hands behind your head as straight as you can. Under this elbows can be a bit bend. Then return to the starting position.


8. Layout

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Exercise stretches and increases the muscles, gives the breast a beautiful shape. For it, you will need dumbbells. Standing position, slightly bend your knees, lean body forward, straight arms lowered down. As you inhale, raise slightly bent arms to the sides so that the forearms are parallel to the floor and the fists look forward.


9. Fly Crossover or Cable Chest

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Play out this activity utilizing the link machine. Stand tall and fit forward, yet keep your center muscles locked in. Hold the links and position your arms by twisting them somewhat. Crush the handles through and through utilizing your chest and arms, and hold it for around three seconds. Come back to the beginning position. Rehash the development a couple of more occasions to finish a set.


10. Prescription Ball Slams

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Stand up and hold the prescription ball with two hands. Cautiously lift the ball and bring it over your head. Make a point to keep your feet hip-width separated and your knees somewhat twisted as you do the development. With no falterings, pummel the medication ball into the ground as hard as possible – like you are one irate beast. Lift it up and do the development by and by. You can finish three arrangements of 20 reiterations for each session.


The bosoms are made of for the most part fat tissue (fat) and weight loss regularly brings about the decrease of chest size. This is one thing that most, if not all, ladies fear. Each lady’s body is extraordinary. Some are fortunate enough to have held their bosom size, even after the entirety of their concern zones have thinned down.

Others, notwithstanding, lose fat around the chest first before the remainder of their bodies. You can limit the sum you lose from your boobs by building muscles around the territory. Reinforcing your chest muscles will cause them to seem bigger and progressively characterized.

Any diet leads to weight loss, including breast reduction. But if you adhere to the above rules, it will allow you to lose weight and keep your Breast as much as possible.

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